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By using this website you are accepting that Centre For Complementary Health may set cookies on your computer or mobile device. The cookies we use at Centre For Complementary Health do not collect and personal information about you and they cannot harm your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Our use of cookies allows our website to work, it also helps us understand what information is most useful to our visitors. The most popular web browsers all allow you to manage cookies. You can choose to accept or reject all cookies, or just allow specific types of cookie. Please refer to the instructions or online help files available via your relevant browser is you wish to manage cookies in this way, or you can visit the links below for further information:


Please note, that if cookies are disabled or removed, not all features of our website may operate as intended. 

How we use cookies – Some cookies help us understand how our website is used by visitors, so that we can improve what we do online. We used analytics tools for this but no personal information about you is collected. We look at things like How long websites take to load, what pages are most popular. They also help find website sections that aren’t working as well as they should so we can rectify things. 


Types of cookies Used by Centre For Complementary Health

First Party Cookies – These are set by Centre For Complementary Health and they include Web Analytics cookies

Third Party Cookies - - These cookies are not set by Centre For Complementary Health, but instead by selected partners with whom we work. They do not collect or send any personal information with whom we work. They do not collect or send any personal information about you but do enable additional website functionality. We also use social media cookies on our website to enable you to share our content through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These sites all set their own cookies, which we don’t have control. You might wish to check their websites to find out more about their cookie policies. 

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