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A Boost for Winter

Many of my patients have reported over the years that they no longer catch as many colds and coughs as they did before having acupuncture. A welcome bonus whatever they are being treated for! Sometimes patients come for treatment solely because they frequently catch whatever bug is going around.

Traditional acupuncture always concentrates on strengthening the general energy and well-being of the patient, as well as treating the specific condition they are suffering with. A good boost to the energy and whole system is wise at any time and most particularly before the cold weather sets in.

Our energy levels are naturally a bit lower during winter and an acupuncturist will feel such changes on the pulse of the patient. Life continues to be just as demanding all year round however, with no chance of coming home early from work to snuggle by the fire!

We remember to top up our cars with antifreeze before winter, but so often forget to look after ourselves. Our greatest asset.

When patients come for treatment for a specific condition, they would usually have a weekly treatment on three occasions, and then come periodically for maintenance treatment to keep them well. However, even when we are lucky enough to be well, it is wise to try to keep ourselves in tip-top condition. One treatment on the change of the season is an age-old and well respected tradition in the acupuncture profession.

So, perhaps when we think of our cars, we might take pauses and think of treating ourselves to an acupuncture treatment?

This article is by Wendy Goodman, our acupuncturist.

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