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An Alternative View of Acupuncture!

Having practised Acupuncture for 14 years, I remain fascinated by the different explanations of how we think it works. Some say it is to do with energy flow through subtle pathways in the body, some say it is to do with the nervous system and pain relieving agents being released.

However, some of the best descriptions I have heard have been from my patients themselves!

Here are a few examples:-

A Professor of Physics thinks that it makes perfect sense to think of energy flowing through pathways in the body. She reminds me that everything is made up of just energy and empty space in the end! (sounds like a great line for an argument….)!

A Mechanic that specialises in racing cars thinks that it makes sense in terms of how an engine needs correct flow and electrical firing in the right places to work well. He can feel the tingling in his shoulder as the pain goes away during his treatment, or tune-up as he puts it!

A Plumber I treat likens me to calling Dynarod. He comes when his circulation needs unblocking!

An Electrician thinks that the acupuncture pathways can be likened to electrical circuits. If the flow to each organ and area of the body is just right, it works well. Same with the lights! Too much flow and they blow, not enough and you are stuffed!

As for me, I think that there is some truth in all of it. I look forward to my next great patient explanation with glee…..


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