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Any one can run

Yes, you read that right - yes any one!

Using the classic run/walk interval way of starting, Neal at promises to build you up to enter the Hunts 10K on Sunday 21st June, Fathers Day. Our local, and brilliantly organised 10K is a family friendly affair and everyone can enter – there is a 1K for little ones and a 3K too – so there are no excuses for not taking part.

This session will allow anyone, even if you have never run, jogged or Nordic Walked before to get to 10K. A fantastic interval session which builds up gradually each week – you will LOVE IT!

Neal’s sessions run on Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7.30pm for 45mins at Brampton Golf Club. As we are supporters of finding a healthier you we have an exclusive rate for our customers of £5 per session, just quote the Centre for Complementary Health when booking on.

For more information or to join the session contact Neal on 07887 84570 and for more information on the Hunts 10K please visit our website,


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