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Do you want to test your fitness at home?

Why not try the Step Test. Please note, if you have suffered previously from a heart condition of have any concerns about your heart, see your doctor before doing this test.

All you need for this test is a bench between 20 - 50 cm and a clock with a second hand. Do check the step can support your weight before you start. (NB. if you intend to take the step test weekly, use the same bench as even a small difference in height will affect your score).

  1. Stand opposite the bench.

  2. Then step up with one foot, then the other so you're standing with both feet on the step.

  3. Step back down, one foot at a time.

  4. Repeat at a rate of 30 steps per minute (or as close as you can.)

  5. Continue for 5 minutes (or until exhausted - but check the time on your watch, so next time you can see if you've increased your time).

  6. Stop and rest for exactly one minute.


After 1 minute, measure and write down your heart rate per minute - see below if you don't have a heart monitor.

After 2 minutes measure your heart rate.

After 3 minutes measure your heart rate.

Taking your pulse without a heart monitor - Find you carotid pulse in your neck (it's just below your jaw bone under the ear). Use your first two fingers. Count the beats for 10 seconds and multiply by 6 to find your total beats per minute.

What does it all mean?

Okay, now you have your three measurements, you can work out the results from your cardiovascular fitness test using the formula below.

Your score = 30,000 / (pulse1 + pulse2 + pulse3)

For example, if your pulse measured 120 after 1 minute, 100 after 2 minutes and 80 after 3 minutes, your score

would be -

30,000 / (120 + 100 + 80) = 100 (and you'd be very fit!)

Once you've worked out your score, see the table below.


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