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Has Christmas Left You Feeling Spent?

  • Has it been expensive for you this Christmas both financially AND emotionally?

  • Has your family drained you of any feelings of strength you had?

  • Have you joined a gym to try and “look after yourself” knowing full well that the membership fee is going to be wasted?

Dr Rajshree Weston, Clinical Psychologist and CAT Practitioner shares her views on coping with the Christmas aftermath.

“When you find yourself using the word “should” when talking to yourself – yes, we all self-talk – then just stop yourself and ask yourself why? This might help you to decipher where the “guilty” feeling is coming from, and therefore give you some idea of what you can do about it.

Perhaps you have a particularly critical family and you are obliged to have them come to you for Christmas, and even though you have worked very hard, they have found something to criticize. This has maybe hurt you and no matter how much your partner might be reassuring you, the pain just seems to linger and you cannot seem to shake it off.

Do you console yourself that you suffer with SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder – and that when the sun shines again you will be fine, or at least that is what you tell everyone around you.

If this year you want to try and get to the bottom of your post-Christmas blues and feel more in control of your life, then why not try a “talking therapy”. It does not mean that you have a mental health problem, it just means that you would like some help to understand yourself better, and I am sure we could all do with that”.

If you would like further information or for a FREE initial consultation with Rajshree contact the Centre on 01480 455221.


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