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How I beat the misery of migraines

The Migraine Trust states that migraines now affect 1 in 7 people, that's over eight million people in the United Kingdom alone, making it more prevalent than diabetes, epilepsy and asthma combined. As a sufferer for many years I have missed special events such as my children’s birthday parties, holidays, nights out with friends and of course time off from work. A migraine for me starts with terrible pain in my eyes with a sickness feeling and will usually mean days in bed in agony with severe pain, blurred vision, nausea and making me feel generally very low.

So, knowing I am susceptible to migraines I have needed to find a way to live with them but how do I do it? Last year I attended a migraine awareness event at the Centre for Complementary Health during the 2012 awareness week. At the evening Jane, the owner and a local GP talked about different techniques to recognise the symptoms and a range of coping strategies so I decided to give them a go. I soon realised that migraines are very much triggered by hormone activity (i.e. time of month) and guaranteed every month I would be struck down with a migraine. After the migraine event and a number of sessions with Jane I kept a food diary and implemented the following changes:

  1. Reduced dairy and wheat to build up my spleen – changed to soya milk and changed my diet according to information Jane provided.

  2. I started taking vitamin B2 as recommended by Frankie - the GP who attended the evening – to help boost energy and manage dips in hormone levels

  3. I did consult my own GP who recommended a change in medication, to help as soon as I get the migraine feeling

  4. Regular Acupuncture sessions to boost energy prior to my hormone surge (time of month) so my body is better equipped to cope!

Has this worked for me? The answer is YES! Since I have taken on board the Centres advice migraines are now few and far between and I know I can call on them to help me if a migraine still strikes. For such a common condition now I thoroughly recommend other sufferers to talk with Jane and if possible attend the next migraine awareness event! It really has been life changing.


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