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Huntingdon 10K Race - Part 2

Just thought I’d like to tell you about the Centre’s Huntingdon 10k charity run on June 16th. I’m Jane Morris, one of the race organisers and have been involved along with my husband Bob Hulstrom right from the first race in June 2010, when we started with 250 runners for which we were thrilled to bits.

Steadily the race has gained its own momentum and this year was its fourth year when we had almost 800 entries and our 3K run had over 250 entries.

The monies raised go to local charities, this year’s charities are:

  • Childrens Victims of Crime,

  • Mencap,

  • St Ives Day Centre,

  • Alconbury Thursday Club,

  • Riding for the Disabled and

  • MS therapy Centre.

Our aim is to encourage people back to exercise and help them to improve their level of health, wellness and fitness, as well as raising monies for local charities. Every year we have people who are new to running but want to use it as an opportunity to raise money for their local charity and the race gives them a vehicle to do that. Many of those who have done this then continue to run after the event with some joining their local running clubs.

For me there’s nothing more pleasing than seeing the look of elation when they cross that finish line and people’s sense of real achievement. That’s what makes all that work for us race organisers for 9 months of the year all worthwhile! Even several of our patients here at the clinic signed up and completed their first 10K run and loved it! The start of the raceBut it’s not just with my input but even the other practitioners at the Centre play a part, with several either marshalling or taking part in the event. Chris Shannon this year and last year ran a ‘drop in clinic ’ for Tips Information and Advice for those runners with questions about their injuries, which was much appreciated by many runners. We strive to make the event a family day with entertainment for the kids and people who are watching, with stalls in the marquee of the Spectator Village, many of which are charities hoping to use the opportunities to raise funds themselves. However the race would be able to go on without the help of our sponsors. This year we were supported by Urban and Civic hosting us at Alconbury Weald, and also our main 10K sponsor Cook Italian who gave runners good bags with pasta in for their post race meal, and free samples of hot pasta in the Spectator village. Personal Fit sponsored the 3K and provided us with a warm up and Kier, Flexable group, Huntingdon Audi and many others who devoted time and resources and our 70 marshals without whom the race could definitely could not go ahead.Putting the 'fun' into running :0)

All in all the whole event went really well, and so our little trusty team will shortly be starting again for 2014, with the date of Sunday June 15th already set and registration already open, enticing those wanting to sign up again with an ‘early bird registration! If you’d like to help us please feel free to contact me at the Centre or email The race also has it’s own Facebook hunts10k and twitter @racebobhunts10k, or for further information see

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