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Keep your shopping feet happy for the festive season!

Don’t let your feet stop you from enjoying shopping in this seasonal period. Don’t be a slave to fashion and be sensible when you shop. Look what ill-fitting and or high-heeled shoes do you your feet, legs and back…… The major costs:

  1. Knee pain: Altered walking through wearing high heels has an effect of much of the body. It puts the knee under pressure, pushing the knee cap and bottom of the thigh bone closer together which can result in knee pain.

  2. Calf discomfort: It causes the calf muscle to contract to adjust to the high heels resulting in shortening and tightness of the calf.

  3. Achilles and heel pain: The Achilles tendon shortens when high heels are worn so rendering it more difficult to place the heel on the floor. This can cause heel pain.

  4. Pump bump: The rigid backs or straps on heels can irritate and cause a bony lump on the back of the heel.

  5. Ankle injuries: High Heels make balancing harder: wearing heels increases the risk of falling, which could lead to a sprained or broken ankle.

  6. Metatarsalgia: High heels force the body’s weight to be redistributed (see below). This puts pressure on the ball of the foot, causing the ligaments to weaken and the bones to drop.

7. Mortons neuroma: wearing narrow pointed shoes forces the forefoot together causing the surrounding tissues to thicken and put pressure on the nerves

8. Bunions: wearing narrow pointed shoes can cause a bony growth on the base of the big toe, which forces the big toe to angle inwards towards the other toes causing pain.

9. Hammer toe: Narrow fronted shoes causes the toes to shorten until even in wider shoes the toes are unable to straighten, resulting in pain.

Rules of Happy feet for shopping Wear comfortable shoes and avoid the misery of painful feet:

  • shoes with an arch support,

  • shoes with a thick sole.

  • shoes with room for your toes to expand while you shop

  • Don’t wear heels especially those stiletto heels. Whilst some people are definitely better in a low heel rather than completely flat, make sure that the heel is wide to give maximum support to the back of the foot.

  • Avoid sling back shoes, they do not support the back of the foot and can cause problems in the foot, leg or back.

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