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Our Community Acupuncture Clinic for Stress and Anxiety

acupuncture needles in the ear

Our community acupuncture treatments work on a multi-chair system. By this, we mean that your acupuncturist will be treating more than one person at a time. The acupuncturist uses a large room with three chairs, screened off from each other. This means that the acupuncturists are able to move from one patient to another without leaving anyone unattended.

This is not a new idea, visit any hospital and most clinics through the world and the multi-chair system is what you will experience. After all, health care would be extremely expensive if you had to pay for every minute of your doctor’s time, as she or he sat by your bed giving you their undivided attention while you both waited for an antibiotic to work!

The multi-chair style is a system perfectly suited to acupuncture because acupuncture requires a reasonably short period of time with a clinician followed by a longer period whilst you relax with the needles in, allowing them to do their work. You will be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire /intake form prior to your visit so that the acupuncturist can have as much information prior to your visit.

In the multi-chair treatment model, while you relax with your needles in, the next person receives the one-to-one attention of your acupuncturist. This continues with 20-minute consultations until it is time for your treatment to come to an end (this is up to 1 hour). Just prior to this, your acupuncturist will return to complete the treatment. If at any time you need something your acupuncturist is only a few meters away.

We ask that patient eat before having treatment & to bring a water bottle with them.

We also ask all patients who attend to respect the confidentiality of everyone else in the room when they leave.

We have decided to try this for people with stress and anxiety in the first instance. Treatment protocols for stress relief via auricular acupuncture have been used by the US army to administer quick, efficient and effective treatment for the symptoms of trauma & stress.

Up to 5 tiny auricular needles are placed on set points in each ear. These set points calm the nervous system & our major internal organs. Once in place, a state of deep relaxation occurs allowing the body to recuperate from the stresses of everyday life.

There are numerous benefits of Multi -chair ear acupuncture these include:

  • No clothes need to be removed

  • Quick needle insertion taking 5mins or less

  • Quick consultation after submission of initial health questionnaire.

  • This efficient use of your clinician’s time means that the cost of your treatment can be divided by the number of people receiving treatment, meaning you pay less, £40 instead of £58.

  • Many patients find it supportive and comforting to have other people around and like the energy this gives to a shared healing space.

NB This is for the treatment of stress/anxiety only for those patients who do not wish to pay for a one to one acupuncture session.

All other ailments require one to one acupuncture sessions.


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