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Seasons of Mist and Mellow Fruitfulness

Are you wearing jumpers again? The hot summer weather has given way to the change in season. Children have gone back to school and days shorten, as we've moved into Autumn. Thursday 22nd was the the Equinox - a glorious moment of nature in perfect balance as the time of year when the length of light and dark in the day were equal.

Health advice for autumn
Nutricious Autumn Berries

In traditional Chinese thinking, there is great value in living seasonally and adjusting life's rhythms to the time of year and what we can observe outside. In farming the harvests are being gathered and there are blackberries in the hedgerows ripe for the picking. From a Chinese Medicine dietary perspective, ideally, we had our last ice cream cones and are now moving towards eating warmer foods to start strengthening our immune systems, preparing our bodies for the colder climes to come.

It's my favourite time of year to appreciate the colours of nature, with greens turning to warmer hues of orange, yellow, browns... and to hunt for conkers. A great treasure hunt for children, grandchildren and curious adults alike! It's truly a beautiful time to go for a walk, a cycle, or even a sit in nature, to take a break and breathe deeply. Have you noticed the colour changes in your garden, local park or nature spot yet?

Of the five elements that exist within Chinese medicine, Autumn is aligned with Metal. The Metal element is concerned specifically with the Lungs and Large Intestine whose bodily responsibilities are both of taking in and then of releasing. With that in mind, it can be an ideal time to ask yourself - what would you like to bring more of into your life and what would you like to release? This question could take you down different thinking paths, or act simply as a reminder to embrace each day when you wake up and let go at the end to ensure a well-deserved, good night's sleep.

Article by Sophie Nurse, our new acupuncturist. Call us today to book an appointment with Sophie or you can book online here....


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